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Any day can be Pancake Day !!

Welcome to Street Crepes……….

The Cruisin' Creperie

Launched in 2015 by Joe Wright, a professional Chef and Caterer with over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, covering weddings, festivals, and corporate events. 

We will arrive fully equipped, and ready to serve at your party, fete or charity event,  Sunday Markets, available for corporate or private functions such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, and film ot TV location catering 

Why Crepes….???

Crepes, or Pancakes, have been popular throughout the world in their varying forms since Ancient times. The beauty of Crepes is that they are so adaptable, with infinite options of fillings, so can appeal to every individual taste, 

Sweet or Savoury, they are quick to make, and can provide a nutritional meal, or an indulgent treat. 

We can prepare Gluten Free, and Dairy Free pancakes, and a variety of Vegetarian and Healthy Options, 

Although Crepes are our feature menu for our events, our van can be easily adapted to provide other types of popular food offerings with menus tailored to suit your requirements, such as Mexican Burritos and Fajitas, Pulled Meat Flatbreads or Gourmet Burgers, 

Menus tailored to suit your event

Whether you are looking to feed 30 or a 1000, from just sweet offerings, to a two or three course option. 

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Everybody loves Pancakes  😊